▷ SoFi Holiday Set Goals

About SoFi Holiday Set Goals ad VIDEO SoFi Holiday Set Goals Have you ever set a financial goal at the beginning of the year? This could be the year! Here’s our tips on setting financial #goals for #2020


The ball has dropped and the new year is here!

Everybody’s had their fill of eggnog and cheer.

So what should you do as the new year begins.

Do you invest, do you save, do you plan trips with your friends?

The world is your oyster and so is this year...

So let’s figure out how to end in the clear.

This big tip is to set goals.

Everyone’s goals are unique,

Trips are fun, and a good goal.

So is saving.

My goal is to get rich enough not to have to do this job anymore...

Work in progress. SoFi