▷ Samsung Galaxy S10: 5 ways to dive into a neat, new decade

About Samsung Galaxy S10: 5 ways to dive into a neat, new decade ad VIDEO Samsung Galaxy S10: 5 ways to dive into a neat, new decade Use your Galaxy S10 to get a fresh start on the new decade. These tips and tricks will show you how.

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00:02 2020 a new year new decade an excuse to

00:07 grow a beard or get bangs despite what

00:09 the haters say whatever the future holds

00:11 it's no match for you and your Galaxy

00:14 s10 here are five steps to help you get

00:17 a jump on the new year with a fresh

00:19 organized phone step one

00:21 declutter let's start with your gallery

00:23 and cut back on all those accidental

00:25 photos because we all occasionally have

00:28 that inside the pocket photo shoot

00:30 happens to the best of us okay that's a

00:33 good amount go ahead and delete now

00:37 let's talk optimization your phone has a

00:40 feature called device care which gets

00:42 rid of unnecessary items and files quick

00:45 optimization also closes apps that drain

00:47 your battery helping to maximize your

00:49 phone's performance improve your phone

00:52 improve yourself it's a win win on to

00:56 step two you've got a different password

00:58 for every account and sometimes they're

01:00 hard to remember use your secure folder

01:03 to store and protect them we've chosen a

01:06 pattern for login but you'll have the

01:08 option of pattern code or fingerprint

01:10 when you set up your own now you've got

01:13 a spot to drop that info and free up

01:15 your mind

01:19 it's easy to disguise your secure folder

01:21 to choose an icon from the menu and

01:24 rename it to something a little less

01:27 suspicious excellent the next time you

01:31 have trouble logging into an account

01:33 you'll know just where to look now for

01:35 step three let's find a convenient spot

01:37 to organize the apps you use most apps

01:40 edge is a great place to put them you

01:42 can add any app you want even the

01:45 calculator if that's what you're into

01:47 done easy access to everything you need

01:49 don't like your edge position there move

01:52 it to a different spot

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01:55 now we're really moving speaking of

01:58 moving let's move on to step four health

02:00 and nutrition the Samsung health that is

02:03 a good place to start

02:04 after all it says health right in the

02:06 name your daily activity screen would be

02:08 like your new workout buddy just without

02:10 the cute matching outfits how many steps

02:14 is that great all this self-improvement

02:20 sure makes a person thirsty water break

02:25 since the app is synced with your phone

02:27 let's record your water intake there tap

02:30 plus and minus to adjust and be honest

02:33 with yourself like most parts of your

02:35 phone this app is completely judgment

02:37 free any caffeine you know what to do

02:41 looks like you've got this down now

02:44 let's do food input what you ate and

02:46 let's say I'm some health do the rest

02:49 excellent only one thing left to discuss

02:52 Step five is for self-care Samsung

02:55 health isn't just a typical fitness app

02:57 it also helps you monitor stress

03:00 meditate and get better sleep keep a

03:03 record of how many hours you get per

03:05 night and rate your sleep who says you

03:08 can't have a little healthy competition

03:09 with yourself

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03:13 don't forget to set an alarm you know

03:16 the drill

03:17 eight whole hours or as close as you can

03:19 get new features like blue light filter

03:22 dark mode

03:23 do not disturb are on your team as well

03:25 make sure you put them to good use

03:28 rest up best 10 fans we've got a feeling

03:31 2020 it's going to be the best decade

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