Report: U.S. Demands Israel Sever China Ties Posing Security Risk

False narrative, not a matter of qui pro quo, that has nothing to do with anything within this dynamic.

It is a simple matter of reciprocating the allegence of a country that has provided the decades long support as has the U.S., for Israel. Beyond the financial support, military technology and hardware support, the U.S. has stood with and defended Israel from Israels UN member advisaries and enimees. The US having vetoed 43 UN security counsel resolutions manifested to punish or even to injure Israel. For her support, the U.S. has paid a price in numerous attacks against her and her citizens for decades many times soley due to her support of Israel.

But hey if Israel desires' to build an alliance with Chyna, go with God. Israel certainly must be aware that Chyna would trade her for Arab oil eventually, further, would Chyna provide the UN veto protection, I would not count on it.