New video shows Merc driver going against traffic despite pedestrians and motorist trying to stop her

U guys seriously dont think that any "Ah Cat Ah Dog / ZaPaLang / kucing kurap " company could handle e mass import of finance personnel right?? Especially in singapore right?

As we are all well aware of how importance the finance industry here in Sg is...

Ur tax dollars are heading indirectly to a person 'chosen' to lead a well-known recruitment firm here and collecting 10k a mth while doing it. 70% chose this policy indirectly. 70% checked square box consciously tho.

They import replacements aggressively while untold no. Of Singaporean finance personnel r losing jobs..

Look no further. Even got a morning segment on national media. Ask urself. Who gets this sort of coverage.

Good luck y'all...

Some people need to keep a tighter leash on their "own stooges".

Incase some of y'all were wondering about the connection?

Ok here's a good piece of revelation for u.

Her bachelors with honors was in civil engineering. And now she's a director in HR. In less than 12 years.

This is a well documented thing in Asian Economies and Societies. Academics called it "Top Down".

Top exerts alot of "control". Like in China too. (Not a good or bad strategy, it's just 1 way to govern)

(Very similar here. ) In China, companies are LEGALLY required to have a Commie (Gov) Party Member in their board of directors. We have a lil bit more subtlety about it.

The conclusion is not that hard to derive.