Israeli troops kill Gaza teens during border protests

You are a TYPICAL Arab FVCKWIT... an illiterate moron, who knows nothing but violence, hatred, and bigotry.

1) Neither of those things are lies, because I'm not a liar, unlike you. The Romans, under Titus who put a torch to the Temple, first DESTROYED the Temple, then rebuilt their own temple on top of the ruins of ours. Hence they OCCUPIED the space where our Temple stood. Much like the hypocritical, whining Muslims are doing today.

Josephus never claimed anything like that. You even bring a fake Quote: and attribute it to the great Jewish historian himself. What he DID say, though, was that one of the soldiers "snatched a blazing piece of wood and, climbing on another soldier's back, hurled the flaming brand through a low golden window that gave access, on the north side, to the rooms that surrounded the sanctuary. As the flames shot up, the Jews let out a shout of dismay that matched the tragedy; they flocked to the rescue, with no thought of sparing their lives or husbanding their strength; for the sacred structure that they had constantly guarded with such devotion was vanishing before their very eyes".

Contrary to your false assertions, the Sicarii did NOT take their women and children and use them as human shields and they killed each other because suicide is prohibited in the noble and respectable religion of Judaism, unlike Islam.

2) Only a bigoted, foolish Arab with no moral sense of understanding would think that the Jews had any CHOICE where to hide their weapons in the HIDDEN SHELTER. They had nowhere else to put their children, you blithering fool. A lot of them did go outside and a lot of them died.

3) Arab liars like yourself, who deny recorded history, are pathetic excuses for human beings and should be sent to sleep with their 72 virgins once and for all, the same treatment the "Palestinian" terrorists are justifiably getting.