You Can Fool 16% Of The People All Of The Time 05/20/2020

by Joe Mandese @mp_joemandese , Yesterday

There are two revelations in a just-released Pew Research Center study of the sources and credibility of the sources of news that Americans rely on.

The first is that 16% of Americans say they rely on the White House Task Force. The second is that half of those Americans who do rely on the task force believe it has been making much ado about nothing -- the highest level of cynicism of any group of Americans relying on any source of news about the pandemic.

This reaffirms what I've long believed: Even the President's most ardent supporters know it's just a badly produced reality TV farce, and not a genuine source of facts.

The problem is they're also incredibly cynical about genuine sources of facts, especially the news media's coverage. Whereas a majority of all other Americans believe the news media's coverage has largely been accurate, only 24% of those who rely on the White House task force believe that.

They're also the segment most prone to be aware of the bogus remedy the President has been promoting. No, not bleach, but hydroxychloroquine.