There's a ride for everyone at MontanaFair | Regional News

BILLINGS, Mont. -- Beach Party is the new fun house at MontanaFair. Wyatt, Kylie, and Trey were the first group of kids to test the ride out this morning. "It was crazy. It was so fun and crazy," they all say. The fun house is full of obstacles, keeping children and adults on their toes at all times.

Fair goers say Beach Party is fun, but if you want a thrill, you should try Blackout. Nia Blackwolf and Darek Blackwolf say Blackout is well worth the entry fee of ten dollars. "It gave me butterflies, and I didn't even know it was here. He told me about it so he paid my way," says Nia Blackwolf.

When the ride gains enough momentum, it flips completely over. Blackout riders say that you can even see the Rims upside down at the top.