Set-top Boxes May Underrepresent Minority Populations 03/14/2019

Ed & John, I am in fundamental agreement.

I applaud your analyses and sentiments.

Given some recent experiences, permit to share my reactions to these recent hyped

pronouncements by CEO David Kenny and Nielsen:

“Spying” on a consumer’s mobile digital usage is not representative sampling,

nor does it create truth or trust in clients or societies.

Moreover, STB Panels are not per se random! Why does Nielsen have to research

the self-evident truth?

—Was it because Nielsen had considered using the “Big Data ” of Cable, Satellite and Fiber Optic Systems

instead of its own data derived from the “Small Data” of random, representative samples of TV Households

just to reduce operating expenses or to impress the world with large, self-selected samples?

—And had Nielsen really considered giving incentives to all STB TV Households ... not to mention the component of the People Meter through which “people viewing” is registered actively, as opposed to “set tuning” passively?

And why doesn’t Nielsen find matters of client and consumer trust to be self-evident too?

Just who is Nielsen kidding? It should be held accountable for what it does and what it fails to do!

#Truth #Trust #RandomSampling #Representativeness #Accountability #FactsStillMatter