Ontario Premier visits first Jollibee in Toronto US Bureau / 12:02 AM April 18, 2018 Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne, shown here with Jollibee’s North America President Jose “Pepot” Minana and Jollibee employees at its Toronto branch, graced the opening of the first Jollibee branch in Toronto, Canada. ABS-CBN TFC BA

TORONTO – – Jollibee’s first Toronto location continues to draw big crowds, with non-Filipinos joining the mix to see what the hype is all about.

Even Ontario’s Premier Kathleen Wynne paid a visit, greeted by Filipino community leaders, Jollibee’s North America President Jose “Pepot” Minana, and none other than a jolly red bee.

Premier Wynne remarked: “The chicken was delicious, it was really tender. And there’s a sweet theme. That batter was a little bit sweeter, there’s sweet on the spaghetti, it’s delicious. I can see why everybody is lining up!” ADVERTISEMENT

It was a way for Wynne to connect with some of her constituents, with more than 330,000 Filipinos residing in Ontario, the fourth largest visible minority group in the province where Toronto is located.

“I think this must be a really strong reminder of home, and people’s connection to home because I have a feeling this is about the food, it’s about the emotional attachment, which is lovely to see,” said Premier Wynne.

On opening day 40 lucky people, some of whom waited in line for 17 hours, won a year’s worth of jolly crispy chicken.

People are still reporting lines of up to two to three hours. Don't miss out on the latest news and information.