Motor Manufacturing, Tennessee (TMMTN) Fact Sheet

President: Wes Woods

Groundbreaking: 2003

Start of Production: 2005

Investment: $365 million

Plant Sites: 200 acres

Plant Sizes: 450,000 sq. ft.

Employment: 300

Products: engine blocks and automatic transmission cases and housings

2019 Production: 1.6 million engine blocks, 870K automatic transmission cases and housings

Operations: high pressure casting, die making

Impact on Tennessee: The Center for Automotive Research (CAR) conducted a study based on 2015 data and found:

Direct employees (manufacturing-related and new vehicle jobs) earned $517 million in payroll After taxes, their disposable personal income totaled $398 million, meaning that money was available to be spent in the Tennessee economy When those direct employees are combined with jobs at companies that supply Bodine, as well as spinoff jobs, Toyota is estimated to support 13,000 jobs in Tennessee Community investment: Toyota has donated more than $1.3 million to local non-profits in Tennessee to meet critical needs and improve the quality of life in our plant communities.

Key Dates

1912: Jesse R. Bodine founds the Bodine Pattern Company in St. Louis, Mo. to manufacture patterns for various customers, including Dorris and Moon Motor Cars. 1935: Bodine enters the foundry business and becomes known as a quality aluminum casting facility. 1990: A new chapter in the history of Bodine Aluminum begins in 1990 with the acquisition of Bodine by Toyota Motor Corporation. 1991: Toyota breaks ground at Bodine’s new headquarters in Troy, Mo. 1993: Bodine begins production of cylinder heads and intake manifolds. Bodine’s first products ship to Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky (TMMK) for the Toyota Camry. 2003: Customer demand for Toyota vehicles results in Bodine’s expansion and groundbreaking at the company’s plant in Jackson, Tenn. 2005: The Tennessee plant starts production on engine blocks and transmission cases. 2011: Toyota announces an $8.4 million investment in Missouri and Tennessee to support expanded production of six-speed automatic transmissions. 2017: Toyota announces that investments totaling $31.6M to be made in Tennessee and Missouri to help produce the first ever U.S.-made hybrid powertrain. 2019: Toyota announces a $62M investment in Missouri and a $50M investment and plant expansion in Tennessee. 2020: Bodine Aluminum changes name to Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Missouri and Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Tennessee.