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00:03 since the first thing pet user

00:06 experiences define design how can you be

00:09 more productive closer to your work

00:11 quicker in 2015 Fujisan had an idea what

00:16 if the one thing on a laptop that could

00:17 never bend suddenly could

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00:25 the challenges that Fujisan is team

00:27 faced were mechanical electrical

00:29 structural usability durability within

00:34 the screen itself there are four to five

00:36 layers that Bend

00:37 there's the layer of the screen itself

00:40 the supporting metal layer under each

00:43 side and a second layer that goes all

00:45 the way across with a special laser-cut

00:48 folding area in the middle the entire

00:51 screen had to be supported by two

00:52 precision machined carbon fiber plates

00:55 the x1 fold has a hinge that moves

00:58 around four separate points at the very

01:01 end it pulls the screen flat to avoid

01:03 any ripples an engineering perspective

01:08 the truly unique thing about it was all

01:10 of the challenges that came along with

01:12 designing ThinkPad levels of reliability

01:14 durability and user experience in a

01:17 screen that folds the space inside the

01:21 x1 fold is very small smaller than

01:23 anything we've done before and that

01:25 brings a lot of unique engineering

01:26 challenges about where does the

01:28 processor the memory which brought about

01:30 other unique challenges and we had to

01:32 completely design a new type of cooling

01:34 system from the ground up so there are

01:36 actually a fan and a heat sink as well

01:38 as a heat spreader that sandwich the

01:40 entire motherboard to keep it cool

01:42 reliable and have good user experience

01:45 the fold is gonna live on desks but it's

01:48 gonna be in bags it's gonna travel it

01:51 has to stand up to everything people put

01:53 it through in the real world

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01:59 a prototype just has to prove that

02:02 something works but in order to be a

02:03 ThinkPad it has to have the balance

02:05 between the engineering the durability

02:07 and the design ultimately our customers

02:10 want to be productive and there's no one

02:12 solution to that but we build thinkpads

02:15 to meet that customer expectation

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