▷ Acura MDX – AcuraWatch Safety & Driver-Assist Technologies Ad Commercial on TV

About Acura MDX – AcuraWatch Safety & Driver-Assist Technologies ad VIDEO Acura MDX – AcuraWatch Safety & Driver-Assist Technologies Every MDX comes with AcuraWatch™, an innovative suite of advanced safety and driver-assist technologies like Collision Mitigation Braking System™, Adaptive Cruise Control with Low-Speed Follow, Lane Keeping Assist System and Road Departure Mitigation. In addition to AcuraWatch, the MDX offers more available driver-assist features such as blind spot information system, Rear Cross Traffic Monitor, and Surround-View Camera.

00:00 adaptive cruise control maintains a set

00:02 speed and distance from a detected

00:04 vehicle ahead on the highway and is able

00:06 to bring the vehicle to a complete stop

00:08 the lane-keeping assist system continues

00:11 steering assistance at higher speeds

00:12 helping to keep the vehicle precisely in

00:14 a detected lane lane departure warning

00:16 and road departure mitigation are

00:18 designed to alert the driver to an

00:19 unintentional departure from a detected

00:21 lane or roadway road departure

00:23 mitigation is able to apply steering

00:24 torque and apply the brakes to keep the

00:26 vehicle from leaving the roadway

00:27 entirely forward collision warning part

00:31 of the collision mitigation braking

00:32 system scans the road ahead to alert the

00:34 driver of potential collisions if a

00:37 driver isn't able to avoid collision

00:38 with a detected vehicle the collision

00:40 mitigation braking system is able to

00:42 respond in four stages the available

00:46 blind spot information system

00:47 continuously monitors behind into the

00:49 sides of the vehicle helping to alert

00:51 the driver if a vehicle is detected the

00:54 available surround view camera system

00:55 provides a 360 degree display of your

00:57 surroundings allowing for precise

00:59 parking and demanding situations when

01:02 reversing the rear cross-traffic monitor

01:04 uses radar to detect vehicles

01:05 approaching from the side