Clattenburg criticised for 'allowing Spurs to self-destruct' v Chelsea comment

The real scandal, which is again being brushed under the carpet, is that he let the Chelsea players get away with murder in the first half!

No-one is picking up on this, as per. From weeks before the match their players were saying they would do "anything" to stop Spurs winning the title. Then they threw themselves into the game making ridiculously over the top challenges anywhere and everywhere on the pitch - like, in keeping with their promise to do "anything" to stop Spurs, they would be happy to end careers. Clattenburg should have clamped down on them from the start. There were several instances of violent conduct that he refused to punish. And Fabregas, in particular, was constantly aiming foul-mouthed abuse at the Spurs players and bench - and especially Erik Lamela.

Everyone remembers that, and how, the Spurs players reacted. But if Clattenburg had done his job in the first place by dealing with the Chelsea players, the Spurs wouldn't have got so wound up!