The NFL Protesters Are Getting Their Message Across

John Muir of course they are not. If they wanted to disrespect it they'd moon it, or give the finger, or any number of things. They are showing respect for the values the flag stands for and pointing out that we are not living up to those values. They are showing respect in their actions because they acknowledge what the flag stands for. Even famous black NFL are treated differently by many police in the US, and are being killed in situations where a white person would not be in danger. Whenever someone does something like this, the right likes to pretend the flag only represents the armed forces...why is that? It is the American flag. Further, it's imprecise, they are taking a knee when the national anthem is playing. Not when the flag is waving. They are respectfully pointing out that the values are not being upheld. They show more respect than mindlessly standing, beer in hand, waiting for the game to start folks that couldn't tell you what the second verse is.