The economic case against free-range parenting — and in favor of being a helicopter parent

I looked at picture of my old home town, that I ran pretty free through as a kid, and the houses didnt have walls dividing the homes back in the 70s. i went to google maps to see what it looks like today and each home has a wall about, roughly 6-8', 80% around each home....some are 100% secured like a compound. dont get me wrong we had small walls but more the type that were just to divide the properties and you could sit on and jump over....not anymore. could it be simply that because we confined ourselves around walls that we also have lost the trust in our communities and also our relationship with neighbors and discontinued free-range parenting because of the fear factor....matter of fact when someone moves into my current block my wife and i go over to greet them and they stare at us like we are weirdos welcoming them to the neighborhood. maybe over-thinking and its because there is an active shooter headline every week....hmmmm, gun control or community values, your choice.