Protect families from gun violence: Letters

Opinion Protect families from gun violence: Letters AP Photo/David Goldman Protect families from gun violence: Letters By Letters to the Editor | | Orange County Register December 6, 2017 at 6:10 pm We’re parents, grandparents and family above everything else — yet our laws represent the special interests of the gun lobby and not the majority of Americans who support commonsense gun reform that would keep us safe.

In response to every horrifying loss of lives, I see social media posts saying “not again!” It was the same outcry after Newtown, Orlando, Las Vegas, San Bernardino and Sutherland Springs too. And the shootings will continue until the American people cause Congressional inaction to end. Despite popular support for respect Second Amendment rights while keeping guns from dangerous people, we have federal bills under consideration that would undermine gun laws to radically redefine who can carry hidden, loaded guns by forcing states to recognize concealed carry permits from every other state. And, the proposed legislation is actually cosponsored by Orange County member of Congress (Rep. Ed Royce, Fullerton) who has received hundreds of thousands of dollars from groups that work against gun safety.

Our ability to live free of constant fear is at stake. Americans are 25 times more likely to be murdered with a gun than people in other developed countries. We don’t have to live like this.

Join me and Moms Demand Action of Orange County in rejecting the rhetoric of the NRA and putting pressure on Congress to protect our families from senseless gun violence.

— Karen Lawson, Yorba Linda

Don’t blame the GOP

Re: “The hypocrisy in California GOP’s tax ‘reform’ votes” [Opinion, Dec. 6]: Thomas D. Elias claims that Republicans did not address an 18-cent-per-gallon gasoline price increase that consumer advocates say is due to oil company price gouging. Who are these consumer advocates that are making this claim?

National gas prices have been fluctuating up and down this year due to many factors including the disruption in the available supply due to adverse weather in Texas and Louisiana.

Actually, California Democrats chose Nov. 1, the day that gas prices traditionally go down by 12 cents, to increase them by 12 cents. That is the first day of California’s cheaper “winter blend” gas.

It’s strange that Mr. Elias does not find this action to be hypocrisy by the Democrats in the state Legislature.

— Mario Bonura, Santa Ana