EU states ban secret Brexit talks and tell bloc to prepare for no deal | UK

Clearly you are too lazy to have a look yourself as is normal for a brexiteer. Why bother to check facts when you can just make stuff up. This from the EU commission was found in seconds. In 2017, the value of food and drink exports from the EU to the UK came to €40 billion. A significant percentage of UK agri-food imports come from the EU (73%), with dairy products, food preparations and meat products the most pronounced as a share of total UK agri-food imports. Of the UK agri-food imports from the EU, the main provenances are the Netherlands (14%), Germany (11%), Ireland (10%) and France (10%). And the UK exports around €24Bn worth of food much of it in processed form to the EU and about 14Bn of the raw materials used are imported from the EU mainly from Ireland. It is estimated that around 40% of this processing will relocate to the EU and again mainly to the main raw material source Ireland, if tariffs are imposed. It ain't just Nissan and co on the tariff firing line.