Boxing news: Anthony Joshua breaks talks Fury fight, Mike Tyson slammed, Wilder ripped

Boxing News: Mike Tyson looks on during his 1990 bout with Alex Stewart (Image: GETTY) Boxing news - Anthony Joshua discusses Tyson Fury fight Anthony Joshua has broken his silence on a proposed unification fight with Tyson Fury , which he insists won't be the biggest bout of his career.

"You know what? There will be even bigger [fights in my career] because I’m not going anywhere,’ Joshua said during an Instagram live broadcast. "I’m here to make history.

"I’m hungry, I’m fired up, Fury’s just another opponent at the end of the day. It’s going to be big for everyone else but I’ve got to keep myself together and I look at Fury like he’s just another fighter.

Related articles Anthony Joshua breaks silence on Tyson Fury unification fight Floyd Mayweather's uncle rips Mike Tyson for praising Conor McGregor "In terms of the spectacle, the trash talk, two juggernauts coming together, I can’t wait.

"I’ve tasted what being on top of that mountain tastes like, I’ve tasted what being knocked off tastes like and I’ve climbed back up.

"Whoever steps in front of me now will know i’m not looking to go back down.

"When I'm fighting Pulev or when the opportunity to fight Fury for the WBC for the they’re going to see what it’s like for a man to lose it all and won it back, a man that’s experienced those turbulences doesn’t want to go through that again."

Boxing News: Anthony Joshua has broken his silence on his proposed clash with Tyson Fury (Image: GETTY) Fury’s just another opponent at the end of the day

Anthony Joshua on his proposed heavyweight title unification fight with Tyson Fury

Boxing news - Mike Tyson ripped by Jeff Mayweather Mike Tyson has been criticised by Floyd Mayweather' s uncle, Jeff, for claiming Conor McGregor did well in his August 2017 bout with 'Money'.

"I don’t think Mike Tyson said that s***," Jeff said in a video on his YouTube channel.

“Okay, he implied it, but the thing is, did Conor McGregor win? I don’t give a f*** how good he did. Did he win?

Related articles Eddie Hearn reveals if Joshua vs Pulev will take place in his garden Mike Tyson urged to fight Evander Holyfield instead of Shannon Briggs "He gassed out. He got knocked out. I think Floyd could have knocked Conor McGregor out anytime he wanted to. Any other fighter other than Floyd would knock Conor McGregor out in one or two rounds.

"I don’t know where they believe that s*** when his a** didn’t win. And I don’t think he won one round."

Boxing news - Deontay Wilder warned Eddie Hearn has warned Deontay Wilder he won't face the winner of Joshua vs Fury should he lose his trilogy fight with 'The Gypsy King'.

Boxing News: Jeff Mayweather has hit out at Floyd Mayweather (Image: GETTY) He told IFL TV: "We also don’t want to enter into a deal where we say, 'Oh when we beat Tyson Fury, we have to face Deontay Wilder and he has to get 40%'.

"Deontay Wilder is out. He’s done. He’s just a voluntary challenger. We want a clean slate when we enter into a deal.

"Whether it’s a one-fight deal with Tyson or a two-fight deal but when AJ beats Tyson Fury we don’t want an obligation to fight Deontay Wilder. What’s he got to do with it?

‘He’s done. He’s beaten. He’s just been knocked out. If he beats Tyson Fury then we want to fight Deontay Wilder but if he doesn’t, he’s just back into the rankings. He’s not coming into a fight with the undisputed champion."