boost: Donald Trump 'begging for UK trade deal' amid election worries

BRITAIN AND AMERICA --the best allies in modern history, united by blood, a alliance born of mutual values, a friendship that defies all foreign nations. This mutual long lasting bond of similar people, is the reason why the world as advanced and progressed from being part of a messed up jig saw puzzle of medieval ideology and religion, into a beacon of scientific, technological, and social evolution that as benefited all of this planet. Those still living in a world of cultural and physical impoverishment, are looking jealously at our top status in the world, and are busy trying to bring us down. WE WHITE CAUCASIAN PEOPLE have got no reason to be SORRY, or to APOLOGISE for, we cannot accept aggressive violence from people with deceitful and pretentious complaints. GREAT BRITAIN never at any time in modern history possessed any Slaves, no Slaves ever lived in Britain, we SUCCEEDED LEGALLY IN ABOLISHING SLAVERY 200 YRS AGO--but Islamic countries for centuries were built on mass slavery, --SO--TRY KNOCKING ON THEIR DOOR.