The sixth year of Egyptian Nakba

The sixth year of Egyptian Nakba July 9, 2019 at 12:41 am | Published in: Africa , Asia & Americas , Egypt , Middle East , News , Saudi Arabia , UAE , US Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi in Cairo, Egypt, on 11 June 2018 [Egyptian President Office/Apaimages] July 9, 2019 at 12:41 am If 6 June 1967 represents an overwhelming military defeat for Egypt and the Arab nation as a whole, following which we lost land, grace, dignity, the Nakba of 30 June 2013 was the greatest and most terrible defeat in all senses. We had lost the land, the homeland, identity, national unity, Egypt’s status and the democratic transition, and we had also lost hope that we would become a significant nation and restore the glory of our forefathers.

On that sad day, the evil forces, represented in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (both Zionist strongholds) conspired against the Egyptian people and managed to bury the first democratic experience in Egypt in its early stages. These forces took away the dream of Egyptians and turned it into a frightening nightmare for fear that its people would be “infected” by democracy and come with the winds of significant change and overthrow their collapsing thrones. Egypt has always been at the forefront followed by other countries!!

The evil forces had, thus, spent hundreds of billions of dollars in order to overthrow the first democratically elected president in free elections, which the whole world witnessed its integrity and which occurred for the first time, not only in the 7,000 years history of Egypt, but also in the history of the entire Arab region. There is no doubt that the military coup was carried out under US instructions.

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The Egyptian revolution was unpleasant for Zionist leaders, just like the Arab Zionist rulers. Apart from the fact that they want the Zionist entity to remain the only source of democracy in the region, they also fear the awakening of Arab peoples and their overthrow of their rulers, agents in the region, and the guards of their occupying entity. This is because these Zionist leaders realise that the Arab people’s awakening means their extermination and the destruction of the Arab nation. Palestine is in the heart of every free Arab, and its soil is running through their veins. Several Zionist officials, perhaps the most prominent of them is former Zionist Prime Minister Ehud Barak, stated that they would never allow the establishment of an Islamic rule in the neighbouring country Egypt.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s victories and the great efforts they made in the war of 48, which almost led to the defeat of the Zionist officials, are still in the memory of these officials and will never leave it as long as the Muslim Brotherhood is still alive and still has presence and strength on the ground. Barak demanded the US to deal with Morsi the way it deals with all former Sunni presidents that it had abandoned and called for the need to support el-Sisi. Barak had played a significant role in promoting the coup in the West with his friend Mohamed ElBaradei, who admitted in a press interview after the coup that he had been trying for six months to persuade Western countries of the need to end the rule of President Mohamed Morsi.

Perhaps what the Coptic MP, the Church representative in the Revolution Parliament and one of the main heroes of the 30 June play, Emad Gad, wrote in the Egyptian newspaper, Al-Watan, is the best testimony against Zionist officials. “Israel had played an important role in supporting the 30 June revolution. The delegations sent by Netanyahu exerted great pressure on members of Congress to adopt objective visions towards events in Egypt,” Gad wrote. This is a testimony from Egyptian officials on the Zionist role in what they call the 30 June Revolution, and with which these Egyptian officials themselves condemn their revolution and admit that it is made by Zionists!

Nevertheless, we cannot exempt the elites, especially those who participated in the 25 January revolution and were part of its icons, from conspiring against the revolution and cooperating with enemies of the revolution simply because their political adversary came to power. They turned against the democracy they were calling for and accepted to be the bridge through which the military passes with its tanks from the top of their backs in the evening of 30 June, covering the coup with a civilian character in front of the world!

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After losing hope to take any position or status in the regime, it called to and which it used to consider as one of its pillars, and after being oppressed and unjustly treated and some of its members were imprisoned, this decadent elite started screaming against this fascist regime. However, this elite is still stubborn, and vanity seizes it, making it adhere to the sin rather than admitting it. It even hates the ascension of Islamists to power and wants to exclude them from the political scene and to prevent them from exercising any political action. At the same time, this elite calls them to cooperate in the face of the regime and to restore the January revolution?! The honest and impeccable Revolution of January cannot in any way meet with the degrading play of 30 June, which is tarnished with dollars and riyals and drowned in the blood of innocents. It is an opportunistic and corrupt elite that was the reason for the setback of the revolution, the calamity of Egypt, and what has the country reached.

The sixth anniversary of the Egyptian Nakba occurs amid the absence of the symbol of legitimacy, the martyred president Mohamed Morsi, who has been betrayed when alive and when dead by the one whom he entrusted. It is as if he wanted to terminate him physically and psychologically in the same month. The ghost of the deceased president kept haunting his legitimacy.

Despite being elected twice, touring the whole world and having the doors of presidential castles opened in front of him, the world as a whole kept considering him as a coup leader who came to power thanks to the force of arms, turned against the legitimate president of the country and took the position from him. Therefore, legitimacy will keep haunting him even if he managed to enjoy it thanks to his false election. He will continue to feel insecure and unstable, even after adjusting the constitution and militarising it to serve his interest. Hence, he filled prisons with thousands of detainees, imprisoned youth behind bars, suppressed freedoms, shut mouths, controlled all media outlets and tightened his grip so one person will be able to stand out, speak and take action!

On the other hand, there are no real forces on the ground confronting this tyrannical figure amid the detention of the patriots, and fragmentation of national forces that dispersed into different groups and parties, whether those who stayed at home or those who emigrated after the coup abroad. The people have fallen victims to fear again after being liberated thanks to the glorious January Revolution, as a result of oppression, suppression and hazing campaigns carried out by this fascist coup regime. The regime made use of them to raise subsidies and violently increase prices, being reassured that there will be no real reaction on the ground and anger will remain locked up inside their chest.

The Egyptian people will not dare to revolt against it, having the word “Irhal” [leave] stuck in their throat without uttering it in the middle of squares closed in front of them. The regime does not realise that Egyptian suppress his anger and resentment inside and remains patient. However, when they have enough, they won’t be able to bear the burden anymore, and tormentors will have to assume the cost and tables will turn. These are the lessons history has taught us, but unfortunately, they do not read history, learn and consider the fate that the previous tyrants had to face.

Those who went out to the fields six years ago singing “Teslam El-Ayadi” and dancing are now the most affected groups and tired of the military coup, slapping their cheeks and weeping as a result of the life hardships and struggle. Indeed, the quality of life the regime promised and “Shaitan’s (Satan) promises are nothing but deceptions.” At the beginning of the coup, he referred to them as the apple of his eye, and told them “the people did not find someone to treat them kindly.”

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However, these endearment words and this open hand served nothing but to slap and chain them. The poor grew to be weaker and middle class, which is the foundation of all human communities, was about to fade away after approaching the poor class and were about to be merged! The same category of people felt very happy when their national football team lost CAN cup Egypt is hosting. Sarcasm and gloating went viral on social media, and this was a dangerous indication that Egyptians felt the state institutions no longer belonged to them, but rather the property of the king, the only leader to whom everything is attributed.

The loss of the national football team occurred after increasing fuel prices for the fifth time. The regime chose this timing, thinking that people would be busy with the game, celebrating the victory of their team, forgetting the increasing prices and going down to the streets raising Egyptian flags joyfully, singing and praising the coup leader and sports sponsor in Egypt. However, the winds do not blow as the vessels wish.

This is the new Egypt he has promised as he said: “You will see that Egypt will remain as big as the world, not the mother of the world.” Now Egypt has two classes: the “hard-working poor class” which represent the great portion of Egyptian people and the class of “the rich and greedy,” the parasites, who plunder the wealth of the country and make use of the statute labour to make the rest of the people serve them. These rich people are the ones benefiting from the coup regime and those supporting them. They are the protector and one of the pillars of this government, having high walls headquarters, so that they can be home and away from the eyes of the poor people who envy them!

This is the situation in Egypt six years after the coup, and no one knows what the future will bring?! God may turn the tables, for everything is under his control, but most people are not aware.

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