Rights groups petition Israel to end arms sale to neo-Nazi group

Just for the info Israel does not sell weapons to the Ukraine, rather they have sold a licence for the Ukrainians to produce the Tavor and the IWI Negev (for use by its special forces and police)

The vast majority of weapons used by the Ukraine are former Soviet union weapons built in...the Ukraine. (around 94%)

In fact Turkey has stronger military links with the Ukraine than Israel. It is currently co producing their version of Trophy. (However unlike Trophy which has two launchers on the turret with reloads, the Turkish/Ukraine system has single shot devices fitted at 6 locations google

Turkey to equip MBTs with APS for operations in Syria

A week ago the Turks stated they are going to sell the Ukraine drones (google)

Turkey to supply military drones to Ukraine

They are also both collaborating to build their own UAV

The Turks have also stated that they are looking at buying Ukrainian AN-178 aircraft.(google)

Turkey, Ukraine negotiate industry participation in An-188 co-production

Turkey has also purchased the Ukrainian-made Skif missile for use by its military (google)

Turkey’s ASELSAN successfully integrates Ukrainian-made missile into rocket launcher system

All of which can be substantiated by how both countries signed a defence co-operation deal last Oct

Turkey looks to expand defence ties with Ukraine

All of which makes Israel a very poor partner when compared to Turkey. Funny enough a recent best selling book in Turkey is Mein Kampt (google)

Mein Kampf sales soar in Turkey

Funny that?