Iran says any external military presence in Gulf ‘source of insecurity’


Ahhh a so the carrier has no planes

The Queen Elizabeth isn't yet in service, and nor will it be until 2020. Which explains why the ship has been sailing around the gaff , allowing tis crew to become familiar with how it works, The BBC knocked out a 3 part series. Google

Britains Biggest Warship Series 1 1of3 Crewing Up

and head to videos to watch the show


The main chef on board ship is a muslim

Regards the aircraft, like the aircraft carrier the planes are new, it take's time for people to become familiar with them. Which is why the UK has been trailing them between the US and UK. More importantly the people who maintain the aircraft from the people who fuel them, the people who fix them and even the people who wash them get to play with the aircraft. It’s one thing being taught in a classroom, it’s a completely different subject in the real world.