Houthi leader says drone attacks a response to spurned Yemen peace moves

The above explanation is a huge misdirection...aka lie.

1) the invasion of the south by the Houthi wasn’t to combat corruption is was all a plan by the former dictator Saleh who was ousted from power by the people in 2011 . He left on the condition he would leave politics and be allowed to keep all the money he stole which amounted to over $60 billion.

2) however he was having none of this so he returned to Yemen and sided his clans with the Houthi to take back the country. The problem is, they were working to an Iranian plan of action which entailed killing him, which they did in 2017.

3) the only people starving are those under the jackboot of the Houthi . Even the U.N. admits that food destined for people in the north in areas that the Houthi control is stolen by them and then sold on the black market.

4) the weapons the Houthi have used to strike Saudi Arabia are far too advanced for the likes of the goat headers

5) the irony here is 4 years of conflict in Yemen has trained the Saudi military in the art of war.something they are hopeless in, But they have learned.