Egypt won’t give up ‘one grain of sand from Sinai,’ insists foreign minister

Pax Tibi. You are actually stating something incorrect. Jews want to completely ethnically clense Jerusalem, Palestinians want to excercise their human rights to continue to live in Jerusalem, namely East Jerusalem as they have been for hundreds of years under a system that is fair to them. The friction enlies because Palestinians don't want to be under Talmudic Law or Hebrew Law, not to be confused with Israeli law or any law that is present in any legal judicial system around the world, but pure Hebrew Law that was passed down to Moses in the Torah and further interpreted by Talmudic Rabbis while living in East Jerusalem because Palestinians are not Judaists.

Here comes your argument: "Name one Democracy in the Arab world." How predictable. The only true democratic leader in the "Arab" World was Morsi and Israel assisted in getting Morsi removed from power with Israel's disgusting public opinion campaigns just like Israel did to trick Donald Dumb@$$ into thinking that Iran was violating the Nuclear Deal, (which they weren't!), in order to stoke tension between Iran and the US. Counter argument. Palestinians and Arabs have had a more permanent consistent presence in Jerusalem than Jews have over the course of history. That must sting something fierce huh?