Damascus: Movie Premier Guests Sing ‘Happy Birthday' to Assad on 9/11

Fact is that the Syrian National Army with Russia and Iran's help won the war against the Islamists, while USA and Saudi Arabia lost theirs and the "regime change" they wanted in Syria didn't happen. That's the reason why the US officials and the MSM continue to smear president Assad, his government and the Syrian people , who only want to rebuild their country and to live in peace, as they did prior 2012.

Everywhere in the country, liberated from the Islamic terrorist factions, people went back to work, children back to school and Syrians rebuild their roads, infrastructure , churches and hospitals. A good example is the martyr city of Aleppo, which came back to normal life, after 5 years of terror and hardship:

Ancient Syrian Bazaar of Aleppo Rebuilt

Syria: Thousands of people celebrated Christmas and the New Year, as Aleppo rebuilds following the liberation from the terrorists

April , 2019, Syria: Catholic Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption reconsecrated in Aleppo after restoration

Just stop believing the lies and the smears the American MSM pour over a martyr country, which just wants its life back..