PBA: Coaches chime in on new rule changes

by Ernest Hernandez

The PBA made a few rule changes concerning traveling calls and goaltending violations for the upcoming 2019 season.

Commissioner Marcial bared that the PBA referees will be implementing the FIBA rules on traveling which is more relaxed and another is reviewing goaltending violations.

For PBA coaches, they lauded the Commissioner’s initiative to sit down with his staff and try to improve the game calls.

“Basically, when you have rule changes, it is a result of the commissioner and the staff sitting down and looking at areas to improve governing the games,” said Meralco Bolts head coach Norman Black.

“I admire the initiative of Commissioner Marcial. I think he is trying to help get it right,” said Alaska Aces head coach Alex Compton.

Known for being vocal on traveling calls, Compton appreciates the league’s direction to implement the FIBA rules. It gives him peace of mind and prevents him from debating with referees on what is a traveling call or not.

“It is good for me because I yell about traveling all the time in games. I watch pivot feet slide all the time and go, ‘ traveling’,” said Compton. “So it is good because I keep telling myself you got to stop yelling about traveling. I will not be able to do that now… hopefully!”

Black thinks that in his three decades of working in the PBA, there were a lot of missed traveling calls. But with the rule change, it now absolves everyone in the past who has been escaping the call.

“Well, the traveling will see what happens with that. I mean, players are getting away with traveling all these years, so now it is just legal (laughs). If you want to look it that way I guess,” Black said.

On the other hand, the goaltending calls are something that Black was concerned about and he is glad the league did something about it.

“I think there were quite a few times last year, there was goaltending and it wasn’t called then some are called but it wasn’t goaltending,” recalls Black. “It will get the referees a chance to look at it and be able to decide whether it is goaltending or not.”

Ginebra head coach Tim Cone appreciates the new changes but he personally thinks that it will not affect the game that much.

“I don’t see it impacting the game that greatly,” said Cone.

“There will be goaltending once or twice per game so it won’t make much of an impact,” he said. “The traveling, there will be some, as we get used to the rules, guys will adjust to it. Maybe a few turnovers here or there, or maybe even lack of turnovers since FIBA is a little more liberal in their traveling calls.”

Thou lauding the Commissioner’s initiative to improve game calling, Compton adds that no matter what happens, there will be missed calls and it is part of the breaks of the game.

“You know, there is no rule that we can make to make it perfect,” said Compton. “Ok lang iyan. Part ng basketball iyon.”

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