When everyone is doing safety critical work and you gotta look busy

He's just the Marshall Pope and has to bless the safety car. I'd say that's pretty critical.

I literally laughed out loud when I saw this, his marshall colleagues started doing it too few sceonds after

Malaysian here, can confirm, he’s using advanced divination techniques in the safety car. Apparently also doubles as a sweeping technique. Did not know that.

MEME CONTENT FROM GRAND PRIX ACQUIRED! No need to watch the race now.

Reporter asked Toto Wolff about Lewis Hamilton's earlier post on Instagram Photo I took of Verstappen in FP1 As a Malaysian, I must express that you embody the ridiculous outrage culture prevalent within certain groups in this country. This post is but a joke, to share something someone found amusing, and has no apparent intention to ridicule the marshals.

Marshalls never disappoint!

This comment is offensive to normal people.

Go cry in a corner.

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This guy is employing my patented clearing-the-driving-range-at-the-end-of-the-day golf swing. Sacrificing accuracy for speed, the technique is best reserved for total mavericks with the hand-eye coordination of a demi god. Pretty smart if you ask me.


I thought you meant the guy adjusting his pants to look busy

I'll watch until turn 1 for the real memes.

You mean ten guys around a hole and one guy actually putting in extra effort to get his shit right in his section.Plus having a cool story at dinnertime.

it seems to me there are quite a few of us Malaysians here in this sub o.O

hitches up trousers

sucks through teeth

look intensely as the other guy does the work

nod after it's done, to show that's what you would've done

group effort, go team

This post is offensive to the Malaysian people.

Some of them do work for a living.