Teammate qualifying comparison, top 3 teams

A percentile difference would be more accurate in my opinion, but pretty interesting. Thank you.

Very true! A 0.1s gap is very different at Spa than at Hungary. I used time gaps rather than % as that is how teams often word it.

Thanks for the input though! I might make a % one at the end of the season.

I made this graph as I was interested in the qualifying differences between teammates and how it might have changed over the course of the season. Please note this only shows when both drivers were in Q3.

There are loads of interesting things to pick out from this, for me the headlines are:

-Red Bulls are the closest performers of the top 3 teams (excluding Azerbaijan)

-Ferrari battle is consistently one sided. Also they are the only team to have both drivers in Q3 every race.

-Mercedes battle was quite close at the begging of the season but Ham has now opened a substantial lead.

Kimi isn't doing that badly this season imo.

Not worse then Bottas at least, they both look completely off at some raceweekends though.

But Kimi has pretty bad luck in races this season, got involved in crashes in which he had no blame at all and also got sub optimal strategies in some races

Rosberg uploaded compilation of footage from when he was a kid driving go-karts Angry Alonso left a hole in the wall after Singapore exit cumulative was a good choice imo

I feel like this graph shows just how much Lewis has stepped up his game this season, shakey start to smashing it

Could do it as a % of the pole time.

Shouldn't all the negative numbers be bellow the x-axis?

I was interested in showing cumulative time difference between team mates over the season so far. I felt that you could still understand where each driver was strongest by the gradient of the lines, but i take you're point!

Another idea to present the data. First calculate the percentage gaps and then use the Excel function percentile(data;x) with x ranging from 0 to 0.05 ... 0.95 to 1.

Then plot the results with x at the x axis :) and the percentiles on the y axis. Or change the axis if you like this representation better.

I think annotated data for each race would be a really interesting approach. Notes within reason, like "driver error in sector X," "car rebuilt after crash," "compromised by yellow flags," "driver missed FP1" etc. Then you get a bit more context to derive a fairer interpretation. But I know that would be time-consuming to research and present intuitively.