Stunning photo of the VJM10 down Pit Lane.

More from everyone's favorite website with this shot of each car.

This should be marked NSFW, because...damn.

It's hard to say, I'm a bit biased toward the McLaren for frankly obvious reasons, but I know this year's FI livery is going down in the history books, for sure. Genuinely iconic. I could go on and on but I think a team rocking a pink livery while eating points for breakfast is very representative of the 2010's as a whole and of the vibrant and thriving future and present of F1.

Definitely my favourite looking car on the grid this year.

Charles Leclerc: Very happy to confirm that I will be driving some FP1s with @SauberF1Team. See you in Malaysia Official F1 Website: Which of these classic Malaysia races do you want to watch in full? I'm almost impressed that Haas could have so many liveries and none of them be remotely interesting.

Lol that Haas livery looks unimpressive even like this.

I know where this team comes from and it amazes me every time to see so many sponsors on this car. It looks great


Gene Haas : You know those machines in a workshop? Designer bullystoke : I gotchu fam.

Well put. I really like the pink, but it does something for me beyond just being visually pleasing that I hadn't been able to really put my finger on until reading your comment.

I was waiting for this.