Schumacher and Vettel after engine failures

This is why team members speak so highly of them both. Team players.

Neither of them started actually fixing the engine, the lazy bastards.

Kimi strictly forbade anyone to touch the engines until he had diagnosed the problem.

This is beautiful. A driver is nowhere without his team, it's good to see some drivers realise that and show appreciation for their dedication and hard work.

About whether the FIA will allow Vettel to start the race tomorrow. Formula 1 Petronas Malaysia Grand Prix – Qualifying – Saturday Baby Schumi.

Alonso WDC confirmed

This is just a good example. Vettel has shown bad examples in the past, with the same team. Look at 2016 around this time. He was extremely negative and there was tension in the team. Recency bias is strong when it comes to Vettel.

This is how you build a team around you, great stuff.