Pierre Gasly to drive with Scuderia Toro Rosso

Daniil Kvyat has not really shown his true potential so far this year, which is why we are standing him down for the next races

Pulling no punches, there.

Nothing from Kyvat along the lines of 'I understand TR's decision and look forward to [blah blah]'

It's also a bit of a double kick to DK, as Sainz is literally off at the end of the year anyway, so in a normal situation he'd be the one getting punted for Gasly, but in such a tight fight for the constructors, TR need the better driver.

Ouch, basically. Again.

Kvyat is going to do the reverse F1 career:

Red Bull > Toro Rosso > GP2 > F3 > .... > Birth

Benjamin Bottas

FP1 will have Gasly, Giovanazzi and Leclerc. Thats going to be worth watching. Also, I wonder if the FIA will call for Gasly and Kvyat to be in the Thursday press conference. That would be worth watching too ;)

FIA's F1 technical department boss Budkowski resigns One Halo will cost teams between 13.000 and 24.000 Euros. FIA to choose between 3 suppliers. Well there goes Kvyat's career.

They say it's for the 'next races'. He could be back before the season ends. Depends on how Gasly does. Not the easiest of circumstances for a rookie to come in.

Well dang what a demotion in just 2 years.

2016: Red Bull to Toro Rosso

2017: Toro Rosso to sidelines. Temporary, but still

That has got to hurt a lot

He's not been that bad, nothing like Palmer level. The quali stats aren't embarrassing, but it's fairly clear CS is the better driver.

Inb4 he out qualifies sainz in Malaysia or suzuka, He have more experience in suzuka track though.

Yes to Gasly, please not another miserable presser for Kvyat... he's already done that with Max, show him some mercy!