[OT] Meanwhile in Barcelona

This is wallpaper material.

Best quality I could find.

Thank you.

One of my dads ex-students is driving the #98 Porsche (6th row, 4th from the left).

Toto Wolff & Daniel Ricciardo post-qualifying interview - Sky F1 Hamilton Pole Lap - 2017 Malaysian GP Turn 1 is gonna be interesting

That Battlefield 1 AMG GT3 is cool, but really it should actually be a WOI era Benz Motorwagen

Reminds me of when i was a kid lining up my Hotwheels

dat battlefield merc

All Austria-Hungary's fault. Ok actually the antiquated 19th century system of convoluted alliances, but that's starting to go on a tangent akin to Grosjean when his brakes fail again.