Mercedes believes new parts might have contributed to poor practice form. AMu...

Indeed, the oilburn or lack of it is really giving the car terrible balance in the corners.../s

Just watch any onboard, the thing drives like shit, something is clearly wrong on that car.

I expect them to be in the mix tomorrow, though lack of representative running on whatever setup they have tomorrow will hurt them.

As an amateur aerodynamicist with zero engineering training and a liberal arts degree, I suspect that Mercedes brought updates that are proposed ideas for the W09. I'm sure we'll see other teams do likewise as the season comes to a close and more development shifts to 2018 cars.

The heat of Malaysia is screwing up their oil burn.

INB4 Merc wins by 30 seconds.

Explanation of what happened to the drain cover in FP2 by Giedo van der Garde Leclerc keen to avoid Super Formula stopgap season When was the last time they had a near undriveable car on a Friday?

I think Baku. Suddenly in qualifying they were so much faster than Ferrari. Had pole over more than 0.6s

I doubt they would risk something like that whilst still fighting for championships. it would make sense for the teams lower down the field.

Bottas’ setup wasn’t “in drivable” and definitely not 1.5 seconds off the pace in Singapore. Here, they definitely screwed something up.

What if this is just next level sandbagging?

When was the last time they got from +1.5s on friday to competitive pace over night? Guess I'm a pessimist.

Bottas probably last race, Hamilton Monaco.

because if they win this weekend, the season is pretty much over.

Yea I second this

Oh, I have all sorts of faith that they'll fix whatever it is. They are a championship team. I just don't want them to because if they win this weekend, the season is pretty much over.