McLaren's Boullier expecting at least one race win in 2018

Expect to be disappointed then

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Plz mclaren, just be quiet and do your talking on the track. Don't repeat what you did with Honda, I appreciate you have a better engine, but cmon...

No pressure then

Interesting fact: Of the 10 teammates Alain Prost had during his career, all of them are podium finishers, 8 have won races, and 5 have won the world championship, yet Prost outscored ALL of them during their time together. Hamilton says that he's grateful to have seen some of vettel's weaknesses this year. Next year Mclaren will have three advantages in my opinion.

1] FIA only recently supplied Halo loading data to teams and hence nobody has signed off their chassis yet.

2] Renault and Mclaren have same fuel and lubricant supplier.

3] Mclaren have a solid base for next year in the form of MCL32 which is competitive on variety of tracks, is excellent under braking and takes care of the tires well.

So yes winning a race will not be easy but just look at this year with a Renault engine Alonso would have won Baku. Next year Fernando and Stoffel will be at least be able to maximize opportunities coming their way.

Mclaren have to aim high and win back their credibility and for that they have to set tough goals for them to achieve. After three years of misery Mclaren clearly want to take a clear step forward for next year. Winning a race at least in fortuitous circumstances is something which is possible next year unlike this year when they simply have no chance of holding on to their positions with a thirsty and underpowered Honda engine.


Advantages over who? All the current top three teams have a lot more solid advantages over McLaren. That's six cars to beat.

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It will be interesting to see Alonso mixing in the zone Red Bull currently are

It's not really. Renault is the third strongest engine on the grid and that doesn't seem like it's going to change for 2018. Plus, they've switched engine suppliers relatively late into the car development and are going to have Red Bull as their main competitors, since they're running the same engine. Maybe even the works Renault team if they improve further. That's at least 3 teams (Merc, Ferrari, RB) in front of them in 2018.

Imho we'll get a couple of podiums for McLaren next year, but I don't see them winning races before 2019.

Would definitely be some great battles between them

they're attracting sponsorship

Only if we get a Baku-like race.

That kid's dangerous

Knowing Alonso's luck it's going to be Vandoorne