Looks like FIA tech director Budkowski, who knows all the secrets, was hired ...

Ahh so that's what the meeting was about.

could of

Did you mean could've?

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Renault didn't attend the meeting. This is probably why.

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It's not known yet if he'll be hired by a team. He resigned from the FIA on Monday, effective immediate, and could be hired as soon as January because Switzerland's labor laws don't allow a gardening leave longer than 3 months. There is no official reason for his resignation. McLaren's Eric Boullier says that if he's allowed to join a team before 1 year after resigning, this could cause a distrust in the FIA, leading to teams sharing less technology with them for fear of their secrets ending up with another team. But what can they do? Nothing. The article says Swiss law prohibits gardening leaves longer than 3 months.

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Indeed. But with all these big teams protesting I doubt Renault is going to get Budkowski.