I decided to make BR covers for the 2017 season. What do you think?

Here is a sample of the actual covers.

Well, the case spines look nice I guess.

Is that the London Eye on the GB cover?

This is impressive and weird. I like it.

Go BlueRay!

Found this photo of the Red Bull RB13 without engine cover at Singapore 2014 Force India makes for a great Wallpaper.

Yeah, is the original image.

I assume it's the ferris wheel at Silverstone

I kinda wish the season review DVD thing the FIA put out was kinda like this.

Have full half hour breakdowns of each weekend, and then, if wanted you could buy footage for each full weekend

Just for you, three more of the covers !

I try to have a lot of different drivers and teams on these covers. Though I do admit, being a Max fanboy, he creeps onto those covers a bit too often.


Well done mate these look great. Really like the flag-fade motif. Great choice of images for the back covers too, nice and tidy.

Love those /sub/f1porn photos

Oh yeah. I was thinking why add a random national landmark to only one of the designs.