Google now has F1 information built into search

It's been like that for years

It's just finicky when it comes to showing it or not.

Took them long enough

"Hey google when does the next grand prix start?"

"I SEARCHED THE WEB FOR "When does the next grumpy start""

You can search driver names, grand prix, and championship standings

It's been like this for some time now. It works for most athletes and sports, even smaller or local leagues and it has live scores too.

Leclerc keen to avoid Super Formula stopgap season Hasegawa on spec 4.0: "Performance has not reached its target" [Japanese] Yup I have been getting it since a long time.

never ever showed it for me wtf

And then Siri proceeds to lose its mind.

Yes even after iOS 11

It really pisses me off the whole siri/motorsport thing.

It can tell me that about a cricket match in India, but can't tell me about the Canadian Grand Prix a few hours from me.

Before iOS 11 GM dropped, you asked about and f1 and presented three buttons, Baseball, Basketball, Football.

But it seems to be all motorsport. Not one has worked for me from NASCAR to MotoGP.

On the downside, I was startled that Google sent me an update on my phone that Verstappen topped FP1. I quickly put the kibosh on future potential spoiling.

Yea they've added motorsport stuff recently, saw that with NASCAR too

When I searched "F1 standings" Google would show them to me, but stopped doing it months ago. I assumed FOM had made them remove the feature, but it's working for me now.

Still waiting for Siri to catch up...

And it is a bit surprising it hasnt yet, since Eddy Cue is on the board of directors at Ferrari.

They've had shit like the world cup since like 2008 or something but it takes them untill 2017 to do it for f1

edit: Altho I just tried it and didnt work

Noticed this yesterday, very nice addition

Only available in some countries and platforms as per usual

Too bad Siri still thinks I’m talking about basketball...