FP1 Classification - Malaysian GP 2017

Theres more nuance to race humor than "HA HE SAID BLACK"

my new headcanon now is stroll turns into some kind of driving god the moment it rains

Gasly has his career off to a good start.

Palmer close to hulk, wait what

China set to confirm new three-year F1 deal What are the actual aero effects that hinder F1 overtaking - fully explained in our latest 3D F1 CFD video The filled ones are new and the black ones are used

Stroll fantastic in the rain and Gasly off to a solid start.

Sky's reporting a team principal meeting in the Williams paddock. Expect more news rumours soon.

Him and Verstappen, these kids man...

He is obviously joking, also Sirotkin seems fairly decent

he's less than a tenth faster than a complete rookie that's doing his first laps in the wet in F1.

Both cars are completely different. You can't compare like that.

Is this the first time this many young/new drivers have been racing during a Grand Prix Weekend?

Verstappen, Stroll, Gasly, Sirotkin, Gelael, Leclerc, Ocon, Gio = 8

Noob question: What is the difference between the green filled intermediate tyre signs (with black text) and the black filled intermediate tyre signs (with green text)?

Because the Red Bull car still has a better PU

According to Ted it's either about money distribution or post-2020 engine rules. That's anyone's guess though.

The meeting is said to have been put together in a short time. Horner who was supposed to join the Sky F1 crew after FP1 went to the meeting instead. Seems to me it has to be about something urgent and imminent.

oh look another kimiquokka clone