Even under the ''team'' tab Kvyat has already been replaced...

So why should he be there when he is not racing?

That is shitty

They can't; he does not have a superlicense.

Because he is still driving for Toro Rosso, just not for some upcoming races.

One Halo will cost teams between 13.000 and 24.000 Euros. FIA to choose between 3 suppliers. 2001 Malaysian Grand Prix: Full Race Sooo many people running with this idea.

He doesn't and likely won't have the required superlicense points, plus it'd be a safer bet sticking with Kvyat over Matsushita anyway.

They should have all 3 drivers under the team tab IMO

How will he get it? I don't see him finishing 3rd in the standings in F2.

how will matsuhita get the points then lmao

Matsushita needs to be at least the season runner up in F2 (currently P6) to have enough points to qualify. Unlikely to happen.

Smart money is that they'll keep Kvyat for 2018.