And today's "fan that deserves a solid hug" award goes to

Sergey Sirotkin fans

Think about those Kvyat fans that bought tickets to races well in advance and then hear a few days before the race that he's being replaced. I think that would be the worst news for a sports fan

Not sure if it's the same guy, another guy had a Kvyat Numbered Russian flag, and had a Kvyat shirt, I think.

One reason I'm not a fan of Red Bull being able to just switch drivers in and out and they please between teams while the season is progressing. It's not being fair to fans like these.

2017 Malaysian Grand Prix - Post Qualifying Discussion Hamilton has won the 2017 pole position trophy already. the guy behind the guy with the flag is floating

You can't expect them to keep the driver in the car to keep the fans happy. At the end of the day they run a business and if you have a driver who is only scoring 4 points across the whole season so far in a car that is capable of consistent top 10s, it doesn't make sense to keep him in the car.

It's a lot more common in team sports like that, with full squads and constant player rotations. In a sport like F1, not really, not many expected this switch happening mid season.

Happens in other sports. Someone could've bought a man united ticket a few years ago just to see Ji Sung Park but he could have been dropped for poor form.