2017 Malaysian GP - FP3 Classification

Anyone want to guess the split between Hamilton and P2 in Q3?

Kimi forgot the sandbags there

Then they'll have to beat RBR, so either way they're fucked.

~7 tenths.

Palmer and Verstappen called to see the stewards. Got to say I think Max may have a serious risk of incurring a penalty for that pit entry... We'll find out in Q3, as always

Are we just gonna act like Kvyat was slow on one lap?

Right...about that... Vettel has an engine change

I missed FP3. Interesting gap between Max and Dan. Was Dan plain faster or did Max have an issue?

Same setup issue. The upgrade they brought seems to have not worked at all. Hamilton and Bottas were running different specs to see if they could figure it out. Now that they have some data, let's hope they can figure it out.