2001 Malaysian Grand Prix - Pre Race Discussion

i'm not usually a betting man, but i think it might rain

/u/BottasWMR will you be doing gifs today?

Which one!?

Your flair says "Sergio Perez". Who the fuck is that?

10/10 on the photo selection Erm...

Edit: OK, Gentlemen. A short view back to the past. 16 years ago, I was 1 years old and probably had a dummy in my mouth and food all over my face, and knew absolutely nothing.

Get that Alonso guy out of that car. Flavio paid for him but I can already see he isn't worth it. You gotta trust me on that one, Flav.

I missed qualifying, who's on the pole?

Why do you have a flair of an engine manufacturer instead of one from a current team?

Schumacher on pole!

sounds like 1 year old you will fit in perfectly in this subreddit

Minimal spoilers

Ralf /s

I first thought wtf the race is on sunday but then i saw the 2001... Good idea actually

wait reddit wasnt a thing in 2001

mods are u up to something fishy

This damn pay drivers...that Alonso guy is shit.

Get him out!