2001 Malaysian Grand Prix: Full Race

Never thought I'd see the day. FOM uploading races to YouTube. What a time to be alive.

They should be releasing these races in the highest quality footage they have (especially during the summer break and winter breaks).

1 race every 2 weeks or re-live a classic season throughout the year.

Without getting too philosophical, getting so precious over the rights of old footage is bizarre. We're not around for long, just release the footage and let everyone enjoy it. The torrented footage is good but it's not high quality enough + I'd love to see some extra, exclusive an extended FOM footage.

Read here:

Since 1981, over 60,000 hours of video has been meticulously stored and digitised in Formula One Management’s archive at Biggin Hill. This represents the sport’s animated history for the last quarter of a century. It is FOM’s ambition to digitally index the footage with audio and text commentary so the archive can be enhanced and used beyond the limitations that exist purely because of the size and scale of the collection.

However, simply to watch this archive in real-time would take many years, so a significant undertaking exists to index the archive so it can be accessed digitally. Challenge three sets bright and digitally-informed aspirants a significant task to first capture and then harness the nearly half a billion global Formula 1® fans to assist with providing audio and text commentaries of Formula One Management’s archive.

I hope they release this archive within the next 5 years.

Thanks to the OP!

Worth noting that the description says it will only be available for 19 days.

So happy 2001 won. SO HAPPY.

Even under the ''team'' tab Kvyat has already been replaced... 10/10 on the photo selection "To celebrate 19 years of F1 in Malaysia, we gave fans the chance to relive one past race in full. The monsoon chaos of 2000 ... was the standout choice..."

It won.


Final poll results:

2001 42.5%

2003 22.6%

2012 34.9%

Needs a race thread.

Direct link for downloading, it's 480p but that's also the maximum quality available on YouTube:

The vote was both on and on Twitter. 2012 won on Twitter but with combined votes 2001 won.

Maybe it's still processing and HD will be available later?