Met Office weather map: Powerful Atlantic storms to batter Britain with 60mph winds | Weather | News

A weather warning has been put in place from 9am on Tuesday morning until midday on Wednesday. It is expected to be in place for the majority of England and Wales, covering everywhere south of Leeds to Cornwall, including Manchester and London.


The Met Office said: "A spell of strong winds is likely to develop across the southwest of England and Wales on Tuesday morning, before spreading east across other parts of England and Wales overnight, clearing into the North Sea on Wednesday.

“Gusts of wind are likely to exceed 50 mph for quite a few places, with exposed coasts and hills seeing gusts in excess of 60 mph.

“Whilst not exceptional, winds this strong are unusual for August and they will be accompanied by some heavy rain in places, with possible transport disruption and impacts on outdoor activities."

It is thought all kinds of transport in the UK could be affected, including bus and train services, planes and ferries.

Strong winds are expected across many parts of England and Wales (Image: WXCHARTS)

Other services may also be affected, including temporary loss of electricity.

The severe winds could also cause ‘large waves’ in seaside communities.

They will be accompanied with temperatures around 20 degrees in England and slightly cooler in Scotland.

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A weather warning is in place for Tuesday and Wednesday (Image: Met Office)

Paul Michaelwaite at Net Weather warned of low pressure from the Atlantic sweeping across the UK on Tuesday and Wednesday.

He said: "Monday will be a mostly dry day with sunny spells and just a few showers here and there - these most likely in eastern parts during the first half of the day.

“Winds will generally be light throughout, but southern coastal counties of England will buck the trend by staying blustery until later.


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Flooding alerts have been issued amid heavy rainfall (Image: WXCHARTS)

Climate change chart (Image: EXPRESS)

“By evening the first sign of trouble from the Atlantic will arrive as rain moves into southern Ireland and the southwest of England. As it does so, the wind will start to increase with the low pressure nearing.

“The wet weather will quickly spread northeast overnight and into Tuesday, with a spell of heavy, persistent rain affecting much of the UK and Ireland, with perhaps the far north of Scotland missing the bulk of it."

The Environment Agency is also warning of floods in some areas of the UK following heavy rain.

The agency said rivers Ehen, Calder, Irt and Esk will be affected with water rising to ‘alert level’ at around 00:15am on Monday.

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Separate warnings are urging residents to be prepared of flooding around the Upper River Derwent, Humber estuary and the Essex coast.

For more information on which specific towns will be affected, visit the government’s flood warning system.

Overall, Monday will see a mixture of sunshine and showers across the UK particularly in the morning.

After the strong winds on Tuesday and Wednesday clear there may be a chilly start and more rain from the west on Thursday.