Manchester United do just enough against Juventus with a win that raises many more questions than answers

After a late show like that in Turin , there are always a few bigger questions that go beyond the actual result, and way beyond how it is a club like Juventus can persist with a goalkeeper like Wojciech Szczesny .Who does the sting in the tail say the most about? What is more telling going forward, the 85 minutes where Juventus should have won, or the five minutes when Manchester United actually did win?What was that result most down to: Juve squandering so many chances at one end, or Szczesny offering them up at the other? And did United get lucky, or once again get just rewards for their resilience?You kind of have to zoom out for proper answers, since that happening the odd time points to fortune but happening a lot indicates something more inherent; something deeper.And while it’s true that this result could have been so much worse than the first leg for United had Juventus taken any of their many big chances between Cristiano Ronaldo’s goal and Juan Mata’s equaliser, it also feels true that Jose Mourinho’s side were never completely outclassed by the Italians in the way they were at Old Trafford.They were more cohesive and more committed, and thereby mostly stayed in touching distance of Juve - both in general play and the scoreline - so they could take advantage of any error. And