Law firm representing LeSean McCoy's ex-girlfriend says attacker entered house easily, hit client with gun

A law firm representing LeSean McCoy's ex-girlfriend released a statement Tuesday that drew indirect lines connecting the Buffalo Bills running back to what police called a targeted attack on its client .

Delicia Cordon was admitted to the hospital early Tuesday morning after a suspect entered the Atlanta area house she shared with McCoy, according to police in Milton, Georgia. A statement from attorney Tanya Mitchell Graham's office said a man entered the home without signs of forced entry and hit Cordon in the face with a firearm when she refused to hand over jewelry.

McCoy on Tuesday denied accusations made on Instagram that he assaulted Cordon.

You can read the statement from Cordon's law firm below:

And this from the attorney for Delicia Cordon this evening.

-- Mike Garafolo (@MikeGarafolo) July 10, 2018

McCoy's mother told PennLive Cordon and her son dated for about two years until they ended the relationship a month and a half ago. McCoy had moved his stuff out of their home, Daphne McCoy said, and TMZ reported that the Harrisburg native was trying to obtain a court order to evict Cordon from the residence . A court date was set for Tuesday, according to TMZ.

McCoy and Cordon had discussed marriage May 29, according to court documents obtained by TMZ and The Associated Press, . On June 1, just a few days later, McCoy tried to move Cordon's belongings out of their shared home, the documents read.

Graham's law firm did not accuse McCoy of assaulting its client in its statement. But it did draw lines between McCoy and the incident to which police responded at around 3:20 a.m. Tuesday morning.

The statement says McCoy asked for Cordon to return gifts he sent her and joked often that someone could rob her to acquire expensive jewelry. The attacker tried to rip jewelry off Cordon's wrist and asked specifically for pieces that McCoy gifted her, according to the law firm's statement.

The law firm also states the attacker got into the house without forced entry and ended the statement by saying McCoy had not reached out to Cordon to ask how she was feeling after reports of the incident began to surface.

This link has a rundown of what we know about the accusations against McCoy, his response to them and the police's investigation.

The Buffalo Bills released a statement that read: "We have spoken to LeSean and have been in contact with the National Football League. We will continue to gather information."

McCoy's agent, Drew Rosenhaus, has not responded to a phone call from PennLive.

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