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DONALD TRUMP's former national security adviser has revealed what the US President discussed with Chinese President Xi Jinping in their personal phone calls. PUBLISHED: 03:16, 04:30,

John Bolton has been on a press tour of his new tell-all memoir, The Room Where It Happened. The book reveals Donald Trump’s various failings during his presidency, and most damningly his relationship with foreign leaders at the expense of national security. Trending

Chinese President Xi Jinping allegedly made personal appeals to President Trump in trade talks.

According to Bolton’s book, XI requested that Trump remove sanctions on Chinese technology firms.

ZTE and Huawei Technologies were both discussed between the two leaders in May 2018 and June 2019 phone calls.

In exchange for lifting the sanctions, Xi promised Trump that he would be indebted to the US president. Donald Trump's personal calls with Xi Jinping have been revealed (Image: PA) Xi Jinping claimed that if Trump removed sanction, he would owe him favours (Image: PA)

Another shock reveal comes from Bolton, as he claimed Xi lectured Trump on the Treaty of Versailles.

In talks on trade and Taiwan at the G20 summit in Osaka, Japan 2019, Xi told Trump that the treaty was a humiliation for China.

The treaty drafted in Paris in 1919 ended World War I but China refused to sign because it returned German-occupied Shandong in eastern China to Japanese control rather than Chinese rule.

That discussion followed a May 8, 2019 phone call between the leaders, where the sanctions on ZTE were discussed. John Bolton revealed the information in his book, The Room Where It Happened (Image: PA) Xi also told Trump the Treaty of Versailles was a humiliation for China (Image: PA)

The phone call between the leaders took place at 8,30am, in which Xi brought up the issue of US Commerce Department restrictions on telecom equipment giant ZTE over its alleged violations of US sanctions on Iran.

Trump allegedly referred to the restrictions as “very strong, even harsh”, according to the book.

Bolton wrote: “[Trump] said he had told [US Commerce Secretary Wilbur] Ross to work something out for China.

“Xi replied that if that were done, he would owe Trump a favour and Trump immediately responded he was doing this because of Xi.”

On May 13, less than a week after that evening call, Trump tweeted that he and Xi were “working together to give … ZTE a way to get back into business, fast” as there were “too many jobs in China lost”, and in July, the US lifted the sanctions on the company.