Emmanuel Macron is trying to change France’s psychology

Your election scores round-up is just tossing figures around for the sake of something to say. The right voted variously for Le Pen, Fillon or Macaroon (the also ran's were negligible); and the left were split in much the same way, between Hamon, Mélenchon and Macaroon, with Mélenchon getting the benefit of terrible socialist and green campaigns..

What you seem to overlook is that relatively few really wanted Macaroon, except for wide-eyed enthusiasts for "change" who had not read the prospectus, and of course the sharp-eyed capitalists who spotted that he was a *anker in the fine neo-liberal mould.

You are correct about the need for change in things like the cheminot retirement scheme, but you fail to see the damage that his main reforms are causing (cutting housing help for the poorest, cutting money for local government while giving it more responsibilities - I could go on, but it all reads like a replay of the odious and wicked George Osborne who failed so signally to put UK finances on a sound footing)