De Blasio, Hannity battle over abortion issue: 'Do you support any restrictions?'

You only care when the ‘pre- born-baby-adult-senior-dead body’ developing potential human is actually in the uterus! Once you tug it out with the iron grip of hate like you do to minorities hiding onn the cellar from you, you couldn’t care less about them and won’t pay taxes for schools infrastructure like Oklahoma said they couldn’t afford life saving tornado shelters for its grade schools even though modern weather analysis, advances. Whiz bang satellites that read the weather and send photos which the GEO satellite system is being bled dry for Trump phony Tony baloney tax breaks for the rich and Corporate Welfare and we rely on some European satellites, and such that can predict almost any tornado and weather system bringing tornado weather. You don’t like paying for education, safety net, ensuring health care insurance or anything important for those post-born fetuses your fetus is your fetish, the kids get kicked like the kick a can which is the only thing you’ll probably give to post-born hometown other peoples’ fetuses, an old sharp metal edged can of beans with its lid still attached as a booby trap to winnow out the ones with no insurance so you have less potential to pay a few pennies for kids to live. You are the one who wants to play, only it’s with post-born kids when they have made it into the world and taken a breath and the heart pushes oxygen, which you likely deny is real, into the brain and a human is truly first alive..