Aussie legend warns NRL sides against signing Israel Folau

Former New South Wales coach Laurie Daley is urging NRL clubs not to be tempted into signing Israel Folau, following his high-profile sacking from Rugby Australia

After Folau and Rugby Australia last week settled their legal dispute, a number of NRL clubs are reportedly now vying to bring the sacked Wallabies fullback back to the 13-man code.

The Broncos have already rejected any notion of bringing Folau back to Suncorp Stadium. However, the prospect of signing the 91-game veteran could prove tempting for a struggling NRL side.

Speaking to Australia's Big Sports Breakfast today, though, Daley outlined why Folau isn't worth the risk for any of his potential suitors to take.

"I'm not paying him anything. I don't bring him to my club," Daley says.

"No, no, too much baggage. You divide your club, you divide your sponsors, you divide your members and you know what? You would probably even … you wouldn't divide the playing group, but you would have some players that would have some concerns with him coming in and fitting in to your culture.

"Why would you want to bring all this disruption to your club when you don't need it?

"I couldn't do it. I couldn't. Why would I want to bring that to my club for two years?"

Folau's options appear to be shrinking by the day. He's unable to return to rugby in Australia, meaning chasing a contract with a European club could be the only potential next career move for the 30-year-old.

Source: TV NZ Sports